Director:  Skinny Corleone

Screenwriter:  Skinny Corleone

Produced by : Matt Thurmon and Skinny Corleone

Starring: Emanuel Gallmon, Elliot Lyles, Kelly Richards, Brandon Thomas, Jeff Minter, Lando Battle, Johanna Walker,

Kelly Schwartz and Kelvin Terrell 

Genre:  Drama


Their Grandmother is assaulted and dies from her injuries. Terry is jailed and a family is ripped with grief and sorrow


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The SAKI Effect

Director:  Skinny Corleone

Screenwriter:  Karyn Alford

Starring: Saki Washington, Rick Palmer

Genre:  Drama


Celebrity Model/Actress Saki, is having a frustrating day, the Director (Skinny Corleone) of her booking is not complying with her demands as stated within her contract to make her celebrity appearance.  


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Director:  Skinny Corleone

Screenwriter:  Skinny Corleone

Starring: Joseph McFarlin, Jenique Bennett, Emanuel galmon, Ronnie Fuell, Lando Battle, Curtis Brown, Cyntheia Clark, Cristalis and Shawn Juan

Genre:  Crime-Drama


In this action-packed drama, Jason's Lyric meet Menace II Society. Ray, a part-time drug dealer. His girlfriend Bridgette wants him to quit his drug dealing ways while he's still ahead for fear of his life as violence starts to erupt in his neighborhood.


Ray is soon faced with the harsh reality of having to make a crucial decision before he dies to the cold hearted streets of Washington DC.   


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Director:  Skinny Corleone

Screenwriter: George Koonce

StarringGeorge Koonce, Tony Skinnz, Terry Skinnz, Emanuel Gallmon, Jamel Issacs

Genre:  Drama


A day in the life of a Lifeguard, as Mr. Ewing and his crew try to maintain order at a pool recreation facility.


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Director:  Skinny Corleone

Screenwriter:  Karyn Alford

Starring: Gerramika Stevenson, Devin Hutchinson, Danielle DVine, Arii Berry and Taylor Campbell 

Genre:  Family-Fashion


Diva and Devin the Assistant come across and discover 3 rag-tag ratchet females playing in the woods. With an uncanny eye for seeing potential, Diva decides to take females up under her wing and tutlelage to make the 3 females into certified top Models.


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