Emanuel is one of  the 1st Male Acting talents added to the roster, who has excelled in the urban drama genre as a character actor. ​

He is currently cast and working on the indie feature "AT THE BRINK", the indie Web Series C.E.O., by TeMoney Productions and cameod in the indie Short film: "RELEASE DATE" by 49th Parallel Films.  He is SAG-AFTRA elligible and available for any new casting. 


Please review his Acting reel and Resume' below.



Emanuel GalImon

HEIGHT: 6’0’’

WEIGHT: 230 lbs.

HAIR: black

EYES:    brown




C.E.O.                                                   Monte                      TeMoney World Production    

On 2nd Thought                                  CSI Officer              Harbor View Filmworks 

Passion at 52                                        Bodyguard              Harbor View Filmworks

Lifeguard On Duty                               Juan                         49th Parallel Films

World War                                             Face                         HUFilms

Crime Boss                                           Monte                      Credle Rock/TeMoney Prod.

Dirtier Than Ever (DTE)                     Skates                      Credle Rock Enterprise

At The Brink                                          Emanuel                  Maurice Productions    

Urban Survival                                      Ronnie                    49th Parallel Films


Theatrical Stage: 

He Loves Me, He Loves You Not        Demetri                  MyChea





Rock A Bye                                           Fatz Da Big Fella    TyStunna

Let Me Show Y’all                               Drizzy                        Skinny Corleone




Acting Analysis,  Class -  IAAY Production

Intense Workshop -  John Pallotta

Character Development,   Class -  John Pallotta

Audition Technique,  Class -  John Pallotta