​Cici Carmen

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 121 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Dark Brown

Bust: 34C

Waist: 26

Hips: 35

Size: 4 / 6

Shoe: 7 ½

Range 21-32

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_____________________________________    _________________________________________________  
Love Song                                           Audrey (Supporting Actress)        Desmond Elliot
Gone Forever                                     Carmen (Lead)                                   Jason Baustin
2012 Seeking Closure                      Sandra                                                  Inner Glow Pictures
Damned                                               Lucifer                                                  Lucid Films
Yori Yori                                                Mermaid                                              TNY Cinema
The Man Behind the Curtain        Featured Model (Bar scene)         Alexander Kane Productions
Pull My Finger                                    Katie (Lead)                                        Indie Film
The Quiet One’s                                 Victoria Torres                                   Amel J. Figueroa Productions
Misunderstandings                          Distractive girl (Principal)               Malik Pollard Films
Step up 2 the streets                       Hotties Dancer (Featured)             Touch Stone Films Jon Chu
Drug Related                                      Andrea (Lead)                                     June Daguiso Productions
Ladder 49                                            Extra                                                      Touch Stone Films


The 3 stooges                                    Ms. Pretty Face (Principal)               Fox 5
The Wire – Season 4; episode 2   Pimpstress (Principal)                       HBO
Behind the scenes – Documentary      Cici Carmen (Lead)                   NBC
The Christina Show – Struggling Actors   Cici Carmen (Guest Appearance)     Univision
Weather                                                Cici Carmen (Weather Girl)             WNVT
Basement Knockers                          Cici Carmen (VJ co-host)                  Howard University TV


Koons Toyota                                       Spokesperson                                    Network Stations
Direct TV Campaign                            Spokesperson                                    ESPN (en espanol)
Quizno’s                                                 Cameo Appearance “Taste of Love”    Comedy Central
Suzuki of Plymouth Meeting Dealership    Spanish Spokesperson             Telemundo
Penny Talk Calling Card                     Spanish Girlfriend (Principal)         Univision/Telemundo
State Dept Federal Credit Union    Spokesperson                                     Univision WFDC-TV
Christmas Card                                    Account Executive (Principal)         Univision WFDC-TV
Fair Fax Realty                                      Homebuyer (Principal)                     Univision WFDC-TV
Premier Mortgage Capital                Spokesperson                                     WB50, CNN, ESPN, TNT NBC
Billy Jean online commercial            Jean Model                                            LA Network


Metro                                                      Dramatic Injury (Lead)                       Show Reel Films


Moliendo Mix Show                           On Air Talent                                          XM Radio/Media 644 & Internet Podcasts
The Cici Show                                        Host                                                         Slyy Entertainment (Internet Radio)
El Conejito Battle/Cartoon Voice    Spanish Narrator                                 El Sol 99.1 FM
Urban Music TV                                     Host                                                         Internet Radio Urbanmusic.tv


Cartoon                                                   Spanish Narrator                                  Univision WFDC-TV
Career Technical Institute                  Spanish Narrator                                  Telefutura WMDO-TV
Suzuki Infomercial Car Dealership  Spanish Narrator                                  Telemundo


2010 Grammy’s in Los Angelos        Red Carpet Guest                                 Wire Image        
Latin Grammy’s 09     in Texas           Red Carpet Guest                                 People en Espanol
Tear Sheet-Make up Model                Front Cover Model                              Sally’s Beauty Magazine-Paul Kline
Eye Lash Model-Ad                               Lead Cover Model                               Evalash-Prevoyez
Healthy Diet Ad                                      Article Model                                         Giant Foods-Jfstudio.com
Mango Talk                                              Web Cover Model                                www.Mango-talk.com

Connecticut School of Broadcasting School    (2 year)                Fairfax VA
International Media Academy (3 year)                        Roberto Catacora
Industrial/Commercial/Ear Prompter & Teleprompter                Manuel Poblete
Improvisation and Acting Coach        (6mo)                Robert Christie
Vocal Singing Lessons             (1yr)                Elan Garner

Fluent in Spanish & English; Accents (General American, All Hispanic, Asian/Vietnamese, British, Southern & New Yorker), Great Cook with Italian and Spanish foods, Singer (Latin Pop, R&B), Dancing (Professional belly dancer, Break Dance, Salsa, Modern Ballet, Tango, Flamenco, Merengue, Tap Dancing), Horseback Riding (Western), Martial Arts/Tae-Boxing, Bicycling, Notary Public, Licensed Masseuse, Trained gun shooter, and ACE Certified Personal Fitness Trainer.


(Official Music Video) Photogenic Girl - De La Cruz Feat. Cici Carmen